New Hair

New Hair | Going Purple
New Hair | Going Purple
It’s been a while since I’ve done anything to the colour of my hair. One of my first ever posts on this blog was about going Ombré and for over a year I was happy with this low maintenance, Summery look.

For the past couple of weeks I’d been thinking about a change to my hair. Going darker but also brighter for the Autumn/ Winter months. I quite liked the idea of a purple shade. 2 boxes of Schwarzkopf Ultra Violet later and my hair has turned a beautiful (in my opinion) multi-toned colour that is difficult to describe. In some lights it’s a deep purple, in others a fairly vibrant magenta and in others more plum toned.

I wasn’t expecting the result to be quite this bright but I don’t think it’s too bright that it’s outrageous. Schwarzkopf Ultra Violet is specifically designed for medium to dark brown hair which is partly why I chose it, I also liked the look of the colour on the box. I think that because I hadn’t dyed my hair in a long time the colour took really well. I hope it doesn’t fade too quickly as I really like how it turned out.

What do you think of my new hair?
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