University Survival Basket

My sister went off to University this weekend and I wanted to give her a fun but practical Good Luck gift so I decided to put together a University Survival Basket for her. Over the past few weeks I collected bits here and there and filled the basket which I got from here. I included the following; Antibacterial Wipes Antiseptic…

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Little Treats #1

Recent Purchases: Essence Colour & Go Polish in English Rose | £1.60 Essence Nail Art Special Effect Topper | £1.80 Essence Effect Nail Polish in Bejeweled | £2.00 Essence Effect Nail Polish in Glitz and Glam | £2.00 Essence Gel Look Top Coat | £1.70 Wilko Bath Bomb Rhubarb & Vanilla Fragrance Explosion | £1.50 Wilko Bath Bomb Passion Fruit…

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The Moon

The sky was extremely clear last night and I could see the moon perfectly, so I decided to attempt taking some photographs of the moon for the first time. I felt a bit silly standing at the side of the road with my tripod and camera but it was also really peaceful taking photographs in the nighttime without anything around to…

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Hearting List #1: Autumn

Boots and woolly jumpers Knitted scarves Long walks Crisp autumn breeze Beautiful falling leaves Hot chocolate Home baking Pumpkin carving Blankets and snuggles Movie nights August isn’t quite over but it feels like autumn has already arrived. What are you looking forward to in the coming autumn months? This post was inspired by Ella’s post ‘On Being Cosy‘.

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Photo Diary: Guinea Pigs

My pets are a very important part of my life. Nick and I have four guinea pigs and I love them all to pieces. Before owning guinea pigs I never imagined they would bring me so much joy and happiness. Guinea pigs are great pets, they have distinctive personalities, they love attention (and food) as they’re very sociable creatures and…

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Last weekend I had my hair coloured. I’d been thinking about a change for a while. Having dark brown curly/ wavy hair I have found a cut that works and accentuates my curls/ waves so other than changing my fringe I don’t really change how I have my hair cut. Instead I experiment with colour. I have had pink highlights,…

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My Name

When people meet me for the first time, they often ask me where my name is from (and to repeat it/ how to spell it), so I thought I’d write a post about my name as a bit of an introduction. My name is the Greek variation of Joanna (but please don’t call me Joanna, I really don’t like it).…

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