Essence Multi-Action Mascara

Product Review | Essence Multi-Action Mascara
Product Review | Essence Multi-Action Mascara
Product Review | Essence Multi-Action Mascara
Besides nail polish, my second most purchaded beauty item is mascara. I love trying new drugstore mascaras and as soon as I spot a new one on the shelves I just have to add it to my basket. I rarely write mascara reviews because it’s not every day that I try a new mascara that truly wows me. Well the Essence Multi-Action Mascara did just that, and the best bit? It only costs £2.50!

The Essence Multi-Action Mascara is described as the “all-rounder mascara by Essence providing lashes with extra volume, visible length and super separation. The iconic shape of the elastomer brush covers each individual lash for wispy, fanned-out lashes and perfect definition.”

Do you remember reading this post about my beloved SEVENTEEN Falsifeye HD Mascara? Well this mascara is somewhat similar! They both come in a black circular tube and they both have similar brushes with plastic bristles of varying lengths, that get shorter closer to the tip of the brush making it easier to catch those hard to reach corner lashes. HOWEVER the Essence Multi-Action mascara doesn’t have super spiky bristles which is awesome as my holy grail SEVENTEEN Falsifeye HD Mascara can get quite painful at times..

How does the formula compare? Well, I have to say for £2.50 it is absolutely awesome! The bristles are the perfect length to catch every single lash adding length and definition whilst also seperating the lashes beautifully. The Essence Multi-Action Mascara adds noticeable volume which can be built up to go from day to night. It is also long lasting – I can go a full day without it crumbling as long as I don’t touch my lashes, which is so impressive.

I’ve been reaching for the Essence Multi-Action Mascara over the SEVENTEEN Falsifeye HD Mascara most days and it might just be my favourite mascara now, it just ticks all the boxes and it’s so economical! I’ve already purchased a second tube as back up. I’m definitely now tempted to try Essence’s other mascaras to see how they compare.

Have you tried the Essence Multi-Action Mascara?
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  • Alice

    AH your photos are beautiful! Loving the Sound of this mascaRa, i love essence products!

    alice x // beautybyalicee

    • thank you Alice. It’s such a great product, especially considering the price xx

  • I’ve not tried anything by Essence, but they sound like a really great budget offering. I’m totally trying to save some pennies at the moment, so I’ll probably give this one a go when I get around to ordering some lipsticks from them. Thanks for sharing! :)

    Misia xx |

    • Yes they really are a great budget brand, I haven’t tried anything that has been disappointing so far either xx

  • I have tried a few ESSENCE mascaras in the past and sadly I haven’t liked any of them but from reading your post I think I will DEFINITELY have to try this one out

    • aww no that’s such a shame, I guess mascara is really quite a personal thing and what works for one person might not work for the next. Hope you like this one if you do decide to try it xx

  • I haven’t tried any Essence mascaras but I’ve heard good things about some of them. I guess i need to give it a try, and I love how we can find great mascaras at an affordable price! my current favorite is Lash sensational by maybelline :) x

    • yes it really is great that you don’t have to spend a fortune to find a good mascara! Yes that’s a good one too xx

  • soph

    I’ve never heard of this before.. it looks brilliant though! and great photos by the way xx

    • thank you very much Soph xx